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Flight Training Inquiry for International Students

Student Pilots from Egypt

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Flight Training for Professional Pilots
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UAA: Universal Air Academy for Flight Training
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FAA Approved Part 141 & Part 61
Flight School Courses

Flight Training Course Reference List
Airplane Helicopter
Private Pilot Certificate (PVT) yes yes
Instrument Rating (IFR) yes yes
Commercial Pilot Certificate (COM) yes yes
Single Engine Ratings (SE) yes yes
Multi Engine Ratings (ME) yes yes
Complex Endorsement yes ---
High Performance Endorsement yes ---
Airplane or Helicopter Pilot Add-On yes yes
Night Flights yes yes
Ground School yes yes
Biennial Flight Review yes yes
Instrument Proficientcy Check yes yes
Instructor Certificate (CFI) yes yes
Instructor IFR Certificate (CFII) yes yes
Instructor ME Certificates (MEI) yes ---
Instructor ME IFR Certificate(MEII)  yes ---
Robinson R22 & R44 SFAR73 Endorsement --- yes
Other Services Provided
FAA Knowledge Test Center yes
Pilot Supplies (Pilot Shop) yes
Accelerated Training yes
International Student yes
US Citizens yes
I-20 & Student Visa Support yes
Multi Language Support yes

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